Cars up

February 2016 – plenty of room – just leave it anywhere

The stats are in and confirm suspicions that the growth business in Skopelos is summer vehicle rentals. In the period January – July 2017 new cars sales in Greece are up 18.3 % and six out of ten new passenger cars sold since the beginning of the year were purchased by car rental companies.

The booming demand for rental cars is naturally good news for the local offices though most must deal with customers shopping around before their visit and making on-line deals for the best (cheapest) prices. Less rental profit per car per company might demand more cars per company to rent.

In Skopelos the result of all this is a clogged port area for most of the mornings and evenings as renters and owners alike vie for limited parking space. It is a bit ridiculous that a family housed near the ring road with a 10 minute walk to the port, opts instead to hop in the car to drive 5 minutes to the port and then spent 15 minutes looking for a place to leave it.

However they apply locally, the numbers from the Hellenic Statistical Authority ought to be a “heads up” for the department in the Municipality which does long range planning. Will the island continue to make believe that everything is OK during July-August or make creative plans to deal with what promises to be an even greater problem in the future?

It will be interesting to see what solutions the environmentally sensitive municipality of Alonissos initiate to deal with the growing traffic problems on their island.


2 thoughts on “Cars up

  1. I would have thought that a solution to the grossly over congested parking in the Port area over the Summer months could be very simple i.e. there are no rental vehicles in town over the winter season therefore the municipality could instruct the rental companies to keep their vehicles (or a given number) in their out of town storage areas and only bring them in on demand as is the case in Volos

  2. To their credit, the rental companies seem to have a pretty good system for pick/up drop/off of cars that have been scheduled to be rented, usually in conjunction with a villa rental. The cars are left in an area of the port parking (not the town parking) when a boat is expected to deliver the clients to the island. The client simply picks up their car there. As I understand their system (corrections always welcome).

    However, the point that I think you are making is that for most of the early summer unregistered rental cars are left “on standby” in the public parking. The cops are well aware of this and say there is nothing they can do because it is public parking. The agencies do have make shift lots all over the place for long time storage but I suppose they think that “you never know when 20 people will suddenly need cars. Better be prepared!” I think that the municipality could have some ground rules for car park use but perhaps the council is a bit timid.

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