Traxanas nite 08 August 2017 20:30

The Skopelos Goat(s)

SkopelosArts followers surely have noted that the cultural festival “Skopelos Week” is well underway.

At 8:30 tonight in the Milos Square the local Cultural and Folk Arts Association along with the Skopelos Livestock Association will present “Sweet Skopelitan Traxanas” for guests to sample. Traxanas is food.

The hearty dish is made from wheat and goat’s milk with some sweetener added.
Called “Frumenty” in other parts of the world, the simple concoction has a long history, possibly originating from the earliest days of agriculture and herding.

The recipe is quite simple – I took this rundown from the Australian site “Burke’s Backyard”…
who say:
“Frumenty (Traxanas) is a kind of porridge made from wheat boiled in milk. The recipe can be found in Medieval cookbooks, but it’s thought that the dish may even date back to prehistoric times. Although it is one of the oldest dishes in the world, frumenty still makes a delicious, warming breakfast.


    1 cup whole grain wheat

    4 cups water

    1 cup milk, or part milk and part cream

    1 tablespoon (heaping) brown sugar, or honey
raisins (optional)

    stewed fruit (optional)

In a large pot bring the water to the boil then add the wheat. Simmer until the wheat is soft enough to eat. Next morning add the milk (or the mixture of milk and cream) and the brown sugar or honey. Warm it up on the stove for a few minutes, stirring well, and then serve with dried or stewed fruit. “

Here in Skopelos of course local goat’s milk is used. You can buy some from a shepherd. Skopelos honey will sweeten it up nicely.

The Milos Square is located up behind the Venetian Kastro – where there is virtually no parking.


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