The season of constant (thankfully uneventful) dramas @ sea

Within the “hours of the ferryboats”, which in Skopelos begin daily with the arrival/departure of the F/B Express Skiathos at 11:30 and ending with the departure of the F/B Mirtidiotissa at 17:00 (and extending to cover the arrival/departures of passenger conveying Flying Cats and Flying Dolphins PLUS touristic day trip contraptions coming and going), many things are possible in this harbor.

A blindfolded casual observer anywhere close to the port can deduce the confusion simply by counting the whistle blasts of the bigger ships warning smaller, private boats to stand clear.

The most common dramas are the everyday meetings of large ferryboats and charter sailboats attempting to anchor and dock their boats thereby blocking the harbor entrance. Ferryboat captains, being professionals, order whistle blasts to alert other vessels of their intentions. For example, the mighty F/B Proteus sounds a melodic prolonged blast when entering the harbor and three long blasts when leaving so all other boaters will be aware that the ‘not so maneuverable’ vessel is underway. Boaters with brains will then steer clear. Boaters without brains won’t.

In the incident pictured above the whistle blasting Proteus had to swing dangerously close to the harbor mole to avoid an amateur in a high powered inflatable who had deliberately cut in front of it (thereby endangering lives). But who cares?


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