North Aegean International Sailing Week

Neither ORC international nor ORC Club class

Next week the west side of Skopelos island will have the opportunity to view a series of ORC class sailing races from this Monday through Sunday 13 August. The Offshore Sailing Club (Ν.Ο.Α.Θ.) in cooperation with our own local N.I.K.O.S. club will host in Neo Klima close to 20 sailboats for three days of “in-shore” races from that port, then an “off-shore” race from Neo Klima to Skopelos, and later two “in-shore” race from Skopelos port on Saturday and Sunday. The award party is Sunday evening in Skopelos.

As in years past, the event is open to boats of the ORC International class and ORC Club class, and for the first time the winners in either category will receive a € 500 cash prize.

The week’s events (in Greek) are below:

The wind predictions for Neo Klima are below:

Neo Klima


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