June/July Ferry Traffic up 15%

The Volos Port authority reports that June – July 2017 ferry traffic from Volos to the Northern Sporades increased 15% over the same period last year.

According to the figures for June 2017, 33,330 passengers and 5,745 vehicles traveled to Northern Sporades with the ro-ro/ferries operating and passenger ships from the port of Volos.

In July 2017 the numbers increased with the same ships to 67,500 passengers and 11,300 vehicles.

Good and bad. 11,300 vehicles to the islands? Crikey! A conjecturist might have fun with those figures especially the July vehicle numbers.
Take those July 11,300 vehicles and surmise that half (5600 +/-) end up clogging Skiathos. Then assume that of the remaining 5600 vehicles, 2/3 or 3700+/- end up on Skopelos and 1800 +/- get off in Alonissos. That’s a lot of fresh cars to park anywhere they want.

The municipal car park at Skopelos port appears to have space for 260 cars to park “normally” and can probably contain 300+ uncomfortably. The additional space at the passenger/ferry loading area provides for maybe (guessing) another 150 at night after the boats stop running.

But don’t forget that there are many cars belonging to local residents which are on-island year round, plus the astounding rental car/ATV/scooter numbers. And August is just beginning.


2 thoughts on “June/July Ferry Traffic up 15%

  1. It’s ghastly. It’s the ones that park for weeks or even months, sometimes even leaving the island and picking up the car on return. This happens a lot at the Glossa end so I dare sayit also happens in town. This means that ‘casual’ parkers, in for a meal or shopping or for a beach, don’t have a hope!

  2. Traffic is an easy topic to get a rise out of people.
    Managing seasonal traffic overflows is a worldwide tourism problem.

    Perhaps one day Skopelos will be a pioneer in adapting the self driving car to the tourism industry. Tourists could call a car and have it take them to the beach, drop them off at the drop off area, then go off to do another task for another group. No need for parking lots packed with unused cars. In the winter cars would be shipped off the island to a place where transportation demands were equivalent with the supply of vehicles.

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