Crisis? What crisis?

Those of us who consider Greece not as a cheaper version of Mallorca or Disney World but a diverse nation of 10 million+ suffering under the weight of economic “re-adjustment”, might be interested in the latest from “The Guardian” stringer in Athens – Helena Smith.

These days the government manufactured news stream is (necessarily) upbeat even after continuing cuts, most visibly to pensions which have some elderly trying to survive of 20€ a day. Those in power have to show some optimism when the nation’s back is against the wall. 70 years of thievery and mismanagement have left the current government with little choice.

If Greece must find a way to adhere to the demands of the troika (EU Commission, European Central Bank, IMF) then I’d prefer that the “social justice” leaning current government make those decisions. The alternative is government by those elite which when governing through the years brought Greece to it knees.

The impact of the Greek situation might be missed or overlooked by those of us foreigners who are Skopelos-centric as this island does very well economically – (though to their great credit some foreign residents have contributed generously to keep the troubled local outpost of the national health care system going). Within Skopelitan families, summer profits can trickle upwards to help elderly relatives survive on their dwindling pensions.

Last week, in a real life anecdote which describes the general Greek economic mood, a local woman who for over 40 years has been the chef/owner of a small taverna told us that she no longer makes her usual range of appetizers. “The Greeks don’t buy them, they have no money so they order only one main dish”. Applying that financial model up and down the line reveals a national economy with big problems.


2 thoughts on “Crisis? What crisis?

  1. This post is ‘ban on’, Tom. Good to read the ‘overview’ first and then see it applied to our local situation. This is it, exactly. Sad.

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