Let’s talk wild asparagus

Bees collecting pollen from wild asparagus flowers. The area pictured was not too large, about 15cm x 20 cm

Besides all those worms, one of the benefits of early rising is the overwhelming silence which one is sometimes experiences. This morning, after the nightlong serenade by several chained and unattended (and unhappy) dogs had stopped, a predawn quiet wrapped the hillside. There was however, a little way off a faint humming could be heard which when approached naturally became louder – almost alarmingly so. Bees. One immediate thought was that an entire hive had been disrupted and that the angry, disoriented bees were swarming to attack (me).

Venturing closer to the sound Fifi (the dog) and I found that a wild asparagus plant in full bloom was the focus. Fresh and tiny yellow flowers had opened during the night and were really keeping the insects busy. The only sound at that hour in that little corner of the world was made by the wingbeats of a few dozen bees.

Not sure if late July – early August flowering is typical for all wild asparagus or if this particular prickly plant is an anomaly. The cultivated variety of asparagus flower in late spring, if I recall.


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