Snake news from around the area

Larissa firefighter with captured snake – from front page of Magnesia Newspaper

Not really anything directly to do with Skopelos but… Just to know you know, the local mainland newspapers have reported that two snakes were seen and captured in the Region of Thessaly. Probably rousted by the recent heavy rains on the mainland, the two found their separate ways into the basements of buildings in Larissa and Alykes outside of Volos. In both cases the reptiles were captured by firefighters and let free a little outside of town.

These were harmless garden snakes of course as the chances of bumping into a viper is rare. However an irrational fear of snakes of any kind by most Greeks usually leads to the slinky animal’s demise at the hands of some adrenaline charged hero. Though there are no pictures of the actual release, it is good to see that at least the Fire Department understands that these harmless creatures should be left alone to eat rats, grasshoppers, and other pests.

The odds are greater that a human encounter with a dog or cat could lead to an injury but brave men don’t go around killing those in the interest of public safety.


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