Weather woes and wows

One prediction for Monday night in which the red area is heavy rain…

One site suggests heavy rain tonight, one suggests heavy rain tomorrow afternoon.
Others suggest light rain late tonight becoming heavy tomorrow morning and keeping up all of Monday.
Thunder and lightning maybe tonight but for sure tomorrow during the day.
Who knows exactly what and when but better be prepared in case the power goes out from time to time.

If you are traveling, (Monday’s flight to/from Dusseldorf) comes to mind, better check with the ticket offices and be sure that they have your contact info OR if you are part of an all inclusive package program check with your representative for latest news and details.

Some enlargeable prediction charts are here…

meteoalarm – click to enlarge

A scary corner of Europe

what the colors mean in the chart above – I’m not sure about the “follow ANY advice given by your authorities”. I’d think twice if they advise a human sacrifice to appease the gods.


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