Making use of an eyesore

Welcome to the Happy Island

When boric acid just ain’t enough, a little creativity might help ease that visual problem. In this case the visual problem is the post-1965 earthquake edifice looming over the gorgeous 17th century (at least) Evangelistria church just below the Kastro.

Time was that because of (medieval) building methods, structures conformed to the structural limitations of stone and timber construction. This simply meant that the scale of the buildings were roughly similar which created a pleasing aesthetic. The post-1965 reconstruction of Skopelos required a building code based upon structurally stronger reinforced concrete. Good thing. Reinforced concrete allowed larger, taller buildings though the building code called for a maximum of 2 storeys with a semi-closed basement. Many houses were rebuilt to conform with those in their neighborhood and retained the attractive look of a medieval village. Whatever the reasons, some buildings didn’t conform.

Anyway, the look of the Evangelistra/Agios Giorgios neighborhood has always bothered my eye because of this post-1965 reconstruction with its out-of-scale blank wall facing the harbor.

Since the wall is there and doesn’t appear to be going anywhere anytime soon, the municipality might consider renting it to display messages, alerts, the weather forecast to the community, or to welcome visitors with a friendly message. Modern technology like a giant LED screen could allow the municipality to change the message in an instant depending on the need. In the slideshow below are some simple suggestions for the mayor.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


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