How not to grow carrots

The photo is from late winter, maybe mid-March. Clearly there is something wrong with these carrots though the know-nothing grower knew nothing about what was happening below the surface. From above, in plain sight, the tops were beautifully green and bushy yet below ground some kind of growth torture was going on. Too bad.

The know-nothing grower knows now that these carrots were the victims of too much nitrogen (in this case the good stuff – pure Skopelitan goat manure). The grower later learned that the key to growing healthy carrots is applying potassium (ΚΑΛΙΟ – the “K” in N-P-K fertilizer ratios) in the form of wood ash to the hole in which the carrots are expected to thrive and cut way back on the nitrogen and apply a water/wood ash solution periodically while the carrots are growing. As the photo shows the green tops loved the manure while the roots hated it. Try and try again.


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