A very late Theater review “The Last Act”

L-R Panoraia Kapogerorgou, Makis Hussein, Magda Stivachti, Maria Kyriakaki

Somehow this one got away… I meant to publish something immediately after the first night’s performance of “The Last Act” at Orfeas but other pressing duties must have prevailed.
It was another surprisingly fine performance of a technically difficult play by ΕΘΟΣ, Skopelos’ very own amateur group under the direction of Takis Moschos.

The story was pretty straight forward (with plot twists a plenty) and included many of the elements which make for good comedy. Among them: jealousy, betrayal, hubris, greed and murder. We mustn’t forget ‘late career’ age issues, philandering, wanton desire and rejection. All the stuff that, in the right hands, make people laugh.

Though there were a few veterans of early shows appearing, most of the players were newcomers (or not seen on the local stage) and it was fun to see these unknowns shine outside of their ‘day jobs’ as engine mechanics, glass window specialists, cafe operators, restaurant personnel etc.

Comedy, especially farce, ain’t easy for timing is everything and good comedic timing takes practice. These guys pulled it off beautifully.

The Cast –

Katia – Magda Stivachti
Katiana – Panoraia Kapogerorgou
Maria – Maria Kyriakaki
Chodri – Makis Hussein
Kostis – Ilias Papachristos
Giorgos – Spyros R. Patsis
Lizeta – Rania Lithadioti
Alexis Bextis – Vangelis Kasillas
Detektive Lambrou – Irini Stromouli
Papa Simeon – Andonis Balabanis

Spyros Patsis – Rania Lithadioti

Spyros and Ilias Papachristos

Panoraia Kapagerorgou and Vangelis Kasillas


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