Medical Marijuana (pot) legalized in Greece

Captured in Almyros (note unhealthy roots)

The news came as a big blow to those fascinated by Police photos of scrawny plants captured from some poor sap. Usually once a week a local Volos newspaper would dutifully publish the news that some wannabe drug lord was growing a few plants on his balcony (it is almost always male human growers).

One got the feeling that even the cops thought that arresting these amateur cultivators was a waste of time but they had to respond to tip-offs from vigilant citizens.

In any case, as of yesterday Cannabis (κάνναβης) as medicine is legal in Greece, as it is in five other EU countries. The drug has also been re-classified as a “Table B” drug from its lofty perch in “Table A” where it reigned alongside Heroin and LSD. Table B drugs include opium, cocaine, methadone, which might have medicinal uses but still are addictive.

So, those who inform the police of their neighbor’s city balcony marijuana plantation will most likely be ignored. They will have to wait until the neighbor starts to grow LSD plants. Then they are in big trouble.

We will miss analyzing the published evidence photos which seem to always be shot at the scene of the crime.

Captured in Trikala


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