Tourists/Cruisers have an adventure at sea

A late afternoon thriller for 8 Belgians aboard a very cool looking sail/motor yacht outside of Skopelos. The vessel began taking on water and the schipper/capitaine called the Coast Guard who came to the rescue, in a way.
The Coast Guard isn’t allowed to help, y’see – its “hands off” for them – but they can make arrangements and coordinate private vessels to step in and help. The passengers were transferred to a private boat which brought them to Skopelos and safety. A kindly fisherman brought the remainder and towed the damaged vessel to port.

More information – (Wednesday AM)
This isn’t the first time that the “Palomistra” has had problems.

Though it lists Amsterdam as home port, this is a Volos based charter boat which yesterday was flying the Belgian flag but also at times shows the colors of the Netherlands. In 2015 the boat was owned by a French woman (according to the Magnisias Newspaper) with a French captain.

A couple of summers ago the Volos Coast Guard stopped the captain from operating charter sailings as he had no papers or permissions to do so from any competent authorities. Back then they were charging up to €1500 p/p for an overnight cruise to the Northern Sporades (food extra).πειρατικές-κρουαζιέρες-σε-παγασητικ.html


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