Bye-bye Dilina (Δειλινά)

The old building standing for years on the promontory opposite the harbor is coming down. To be replaced by what? Something we eventually get used to seeing.

In the old days it was the location of the taverna Dilina (Sunset). That taverna was run by Spyros and Asimina Giakeim who went on to local fame with the late lamented “Spiros Taverna” on the port. Spiros Taverna had tables on the platia (where Ambrosia is now) and Asimina’s kitchen was a few doors away (where half of Kostas and Voula’s Ploumistri is today). They specialized in grilled chicken but offered a lot more. The place was always packed on summer evenings, popular with locals, tourists, and summer people. Spyros and Asimina hired a lot of young local boys who, practicing their English language skills, set and cleared the tables and brought the drinks. The wait staff were Spyros’s workmates in the sanitation department.

The taverna was funky and seemingly chaotic but very efficient. At check time Spyros would look at the evidence on the table and add your bill up in his head, out loud. The old way.


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