Comedy this weekend !

Poster by Isabel based on a pulp fiction book cover

Opening tomorrow night at Orfeas 9pm – the LAST ACT (ΤΕΛΕΥΤΑΙΑ ΠΡΑΞΗ) presented by the local theater group Ε.Θ.Ο.Σ. under the direction of Takis Moschos. This play is based l-o-o-o-s-e-l-y on the play Παρακαλω ας μενει μεταξη μας (Please, Let’s keep this between us) by the writing team Riga and Apostolou. Loosely in this case means that the basic plot (beginning and end) is true to the original but the middle has been modified by Moschos to better take advantage of his players.

An outline? I dunno except to say that the work has something to do with a famous actress and the theater business (a clip from Ethel Merman’s version of the song “There no business like show business” is heard at one point). The blurb on the poster reads, “Don’t leave, I’m not finished”. From the illustration one might assume that someone threatens (or worse) handgun violence on someone else. This is a comedy (κωμωδια) played by your friends and neighbors.

Outdoors at 9pm this Friday, Saturday, Sunday. Admission by donation.


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