Slate roof mania Skopelos

This old photo popped up while looking for something else. The date? Probably before the 1965 earthquake. What is striking besides the timeless image of two local women embroidering in the shade is the extent of slate roofed houses. Practically all of them. And most of those roofs have whitewashed ceramic tiles covering the “hips”.

By chance or by design, communal embroidery sessions were one way women relaxed in the middle of a long day’s work, providing meditation, conversation, relaxation and production.

That’s Tony’s house in the middle of the photo behind the tree (just above the jug on the ledge). The photo was taken a little down the walkway from Agios Spyridon.


4 thoughts on “Slate roof mania Skopelos

  1. It would be so nice if the houses nowdays had all grey tiles (or slate of course) instead of the ugly red tiles they have now

  2. What’s also of interest is the shape and configuration of the rocky shoreline in the distance. There is a much more irregular pattern erosion today than in 1965. Perhaps that is a result of the increase in development on the hillsides above and changes to drainage patterns with accelerated volumes of runoff. Interesting!

  3. Tom, thank you for posting that photo. It certainly is pre65, my house is next to Tony’s. It is the first photo I have seen of it the way it was before the earthquake. The top 2 floors fell down, the basement is the only remaining old part. Also the small house to the immediate right of Tony’s also fell down. It is now a beautiful garden.

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