New, modern apartments now available

At long last the Apartment complex “Europa 2” has been completed in the Kastro area of Skopelos. Elated that their favorite tunes will be now and forever piped into the elevators, lobby, and hallways, eager Mamma Mia fans have already snapped up 37 units in the sea view property. The other 413 units (450-37 = 413) are up for grabs.

Built in the traditional style of modern Athens, the building is a feast for the eyes from without as well as within. In a world where the word “Luxury” has been devalued and lost its original meaning, we guarantee that these new homes are truly luxurious i.e. they have at least one window and a door.

the whole picture


One thought on “New, modern apartments now available

  1. Really… the photo is of the 200+ meter Europa 2 cruise liner of Hagop-LLoyd. From what I’ve read it serves a slightly “tonier” clientel than other cruise ships… mostly Germans wearing nice clothes. From what I’ve read.

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