Skiathos moves to end plastic film shopping bags.

Used and reused for 4 years

Skiathos is following the plastic bag weaning model that Alonissos successfully carried out last year. A group on the island is pressuring the local government and merchants to end the usage of “disposable” plastic film on the island. The EU is also pressuring the Greek government to limit and gradually end plastic bag usage.

Can Skopelos be far behind? Provias’s AP Market in town already charges for plastic shopping bags (0.05 € ?). They used to offer (sell?) cloth bag alternatives. AB Vasilopoulos and Sklaventis sell sturdy shopping bags (0.60 € and 0.68€ respectively) with woven handles which remain upright when loading and are stable in the car and they last for a few years (see photo). What I like about them is that when the bag is loaded it can be placed on the ground without the contents spilling all over. Try that with a plastic bag filled with peaches.

Most foreigners on the island are used to alternatives to the film bag and, for many visiting Skopelos, receiving groceries in plastic bags is just plain weird.


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