Town falls down (not Skopelos)

Main street Anargyroi

From the “Nothing to do with Skopelos” desk.

A natural disaster?
From eKathimerini:
Energy Minister Giorgos Stathakis on Sunday ordered the demolition of Anargyroi, a village in northern Greece that suffered extensive damage when a lignite mine used by Public Power Corporation collapsed on Saturday.

About a dozen houses suffered large fissures in the village, which is located some 3 kilometers from the mine’s outer perimeter, when an estimated 80 million cubic meters of earth shifted in the collapse.

All of the village’s 182 inhabitants were evacuated on Saturday night and put up in hotels while authorities assessed the extent of the damage to Anargyroi, which was eventually condemned on Sunday.

Crews have been dispatched to the damaged homes to retrieve household appliances and valuables that residents hope to salvage.

The mine was shut down on June 3 amid stability concerns, but PPC officials were quoted by the Associated Press as saying they did not expect a collapse of this magnitude.

Taking a closer look, The town’s location “3 kilometers from the mine’s outer perimeter” that the article states appears on the map to be only 225 meters (if you trust GoogleMaps). The Northern Greece lignite mines power ΔΕΗ electricity generating plants and are a huge operations covering hundreds of square kilometers. There are several in the general area and chances are that some residents of Anargyroi are employed by the operation. I’ll bet that none of them thought that they could “work from home”. The next question is where the new village will be built.

Some “screen grabs”…

Northern Greece with Thessaloniki at the eastern edge of map

Anargyroi outlined

225 meter distance to edge of pit

Just down the road


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