Jet Ski World Championships?


Thanks to the film Mamma Mia the Jet-Ski “World Raid Championship Greece – Akropolis Jet Raid 2017” will be held again this year in the waters of the Pagasitikos Gulf and the Northern Sporades.

The organizers say that at least 35 athletes from Portugal, Belgium, France, Corsica, Uruguay, Brazil, Russia, Spain, Argentina, Italy and Greece will compete. Typical “off the shelf” jet skis have a top speed of about 60 – 65 mph (96 – 104 kmh) so it is likely that this these jazzed up racing machines are much faster than that.

On Thursday, June 15, starting at Amaliapoli (near Almyro) the athletes will head to Skopelos for events until 6:00 in the afternoon.

Schedule of races:

– Thursday, June 15th, the racers leave from Amaliapoli and arrive at Skopelos port at 11.00 am to fuel up. At 13.00 they will race from Skopelos to Ag Iannis Kastri in something called “Flash Race 10km class C”, where a (brief) party will take place on the beach.

Editor’s note – if the racers are traveling a minimum of 100 kph then the race ought to last 10 minutes or less. Get there early.

– at 15.30 they will depart from Ag. Iannis for N. Klima-Elios (offshore class B 17 km) where they will finish at 17.00.

At N. Klima-Elios the local community will welcome them and spring a surprise party for the racing teams later in the evening. Overnight accommodations (if any of the racers need it) will be provided by the local hotels of N. Klima-Elios.

– On Friday, June 16, the athletes depart from N. Klima for events that will take place in the sea area of ​​Skiathos off of Lalaria Beach

As far as I know, life vests are required on these things. But it’s only a movie.


2 thoughts on “Jet Ski World Championships?

  1. The group seems more interested in the parties. The Skopelos races are pretty short. Probably there is a race committee which needs the party time to re-set start lines and finish lines for the new destinations.

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