The Balkan Peninsula in 1782

August FW Crome 1782

This is a small section of August Friedrich Wilhelm Crome’s 1782 map of Europe. The complete map was drawn to indicate the whats and wheres of European commercial production during the mid to late 1700s. The full map is here…

I thought readers would find the map section of the south Balkans especially interesting. In the land mass now called Greece there is no Athens indicated as there was no real city there. It was more like a small village clustered at the base of the Acropolis and surrounded by farmland. All that was to change by the mid-1800s.

Thessaloniki however is there – as ‘Salonichi’ – as it was a big, bustling city. Crome drew codes for the various products (or perhaps the main product) of each area in either letters or symbols. The linked to large map includes a guide which explains what they mean.
Since a high resolution version of the entire map is too big for me to publish, I’ve listed most of the Greek area production here…

    VZ – Cattle
    Pf – Horses
    RS – Raisins
    GT – Cereals
    Sd – Silk
    BW – Cotton
    Cr – currents

A description of the pictograms is as follows…

    Circle with a horizontal line – Salt
    Vertical staff with a curling vine – Wine
    Two connected balls – Fruit
    a Spoon with a 4 – Saffron
    Three open dots – Olives/Oil
    Four open dots = Rice


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