New help with garbage

The happy couple

These brand new collectors have been at the port for a few days. They appear unused. Waiting for documents? There is another larger collector (new? used?) recently put to use and making the rounds in Skopelos.

In the meantime MagnesiasNews reports that Alonissos has collected almost 2000 used tires (tyres) and they await shipment to a recycler. Good thing. I’m not sure of the local Skopelos protocol but I would guess that repair shops hold onto to worn out tires until they have enough to ship out or the municipality hauls them away. At one time there was a big pile of tires out near Agios Riginios but I can’t recall if the pile still exists. The tires have value and can be reused in a variety of ways…

    Products: Rubber Crumb (sellable product – serves as raw material to many many industries)
    Finer synthetic and natural rubber (obviously after treatments) which can be used in Tiles and tile adhesives, mixing with asphalt, sports surfaces, carpet underlay, noise and vibration insulation, playgrounds and matting. Rubber crumb is also used in new tyres, devulcanisation for low-tech pressed or extruded rubber products, commercial flooring, traffic control products and plenty more.

Besides serving as landscape blight, discarded tires are an efficient and known source for mosquito cultivation. They hold rain water and the dark interior is perfect for laying and hatching eggs.

BTW – mosquito control spraying by the Regional Unit of Magnesias will happen this Friday in Skiathos. Skopelos gets a dose sometime later, as happened last year.



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