Flying Cat 4 enters the fray

Fresh from Pireaus via Alonissos blasted the Flying Cat 4 today ready to start her 5 days per week (except Tuesday and Wednesday) trek between Thessaloniki and the Northern Sporades. The boat leaves Thessaloniki at 10 AM and goes directly to Skiathos then on to Skopelos and Alonissos (but I’m not sure in which order). The Thessaloniki to Skopelos voyage takes a little more than 3 hours and was very popular last summer. No need to take the bus or taxi from Thessaloniki to Volos to make the connection with the islands.

Check your ticket office for Skopelos arrival and departure times.

    Nikos Triantafyllou Glossa
    +30 24240 33435, +30 24240 33042
    Apostolos Kosifis Skopelos
    +30 24240 22767, +30 24240 23060
    Madro Travel Skopelos
    +30 24240 22300
    Iannis Lemonis Agency Skopelos/Glossa
    +30 24240 22363

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