Just when you thought EVERYTHING was fine…

…bad news comes along. In this case the long wait for the new ferryboat “Aqua Jewel” is finally over. It ain’t happening. Service from Volos to the Northern Sporades was supposed to begin on a variety of dates which all came and went without a peep from the shipping company. The last announced scheduled appearance was to be sometime late this month. Nope. The owner has sold the ship. Elvis has left the building.

Whoever bought the ship will be (supposedly) using it to do some kind of Piraeus-Cyclades route.

In the meantime…the owner of the mighty Proteus ferryboat has apologized and explained the reasons for its recent and unfortunate late arrival times. The operator ANES lines reminds us that Proteus was supposed to be one of three ferryboats serving the Volos-Northern Sporades route these days. The other two are the departed Aqua Jewel and the missing Mirtidiotissa (annual refitting??). Proteus is now hauling everything and the delays are in the loading and unloading of vehicles. Overwhelmed might well describe ANES’ situation. They are sorry.

NOTE: As always, a tip of the hat to ANES Lines and the crew of Proteus who have served and continue to serve the islands well and faithfully.


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