Bee-eaters gone ?

We may need to rely on reports from some alert and savvy friends around the island (especially those in Mourtero) to confirm this but… the guess is that the semi-annual stop-over by flocks of European Bee-eaters is over. Though there are plenty of delicious flying insects still populating and re-populating the skies above Skopelos, the Bee-eaters must know that there are even tastier morsels farther north.

We don’t have this bird in the New World so it is always a treat to hear their chortling high above and with patience and luck get a good look at them. Once in a while a bird will tire of flying and eating, flying and eating, flying and eating and stop for a breather. Click!

Extremely colorful, Merops is a popular family for those who spend a lot of time photographing birds. Those people know what they are doing and have patience. See Lennart Hessel’s blog ” ” He sometimes takes groups to different places to photograph birds. The page link above is to a trip to a national park in Hungary to photograph bee-eaters.

Hessel has also visited Lake Kerkini (a man-made reservoir) in Northern Greece. see…

Lake Kerkini is not quite the same as our own man-made reservoir because it was formed when marshlands were dammed in 1932. However the lake may be able to give Skopelos some lessons and ideas on how a man-made reservoir can become its own unique hydrobiosphere attracting all kinds of life.


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