Church or lunar lander?

Over time we see or pass-by things in our environment and, without really “seeing” them, simply accept them as they are. We note these things to some degree and often give them an identifying name so that the “entity” can be classified, committed to memory or recalled. Some of these are oddly alluring though, and ask for further examination before our attention moves on. Over the years, we’ve passed by the little church “Agion Panton” (“All Saints”) at least 50,000 times and this “Eklisaki” still fascinates.

It is such a weird little building. Its proportions liken it somewhat more to a spaceship then a church. There is room inside for maybe two or three people. The bulky cupola (troulos) the church is much higher in relation to its width to look ‘normal’ (for a Greek country chapel). This is a unique piece of architecture which dates probably from the 1700s (a priest told us). Because of its location, the site was probably spiritually significant for hundreds (thousands) of years before the church was built.

In the last months some of the trees around the church have come down revealing a better overall view of the structure within its surroundings.
The setting is the Aloupi spring which, before its waters were piped into the village, for centuries was a main water source. Every morning women and girls would carry clay vessels out from their houses in town, fill them and trudge back home.

Aloupi was also the starting point for the passage from civilization into the wild center of the island (and on to Glossa). The old stone mule path or kalderimi is now paved up to a point though the beautifully cobbled upper section of the way has been destroyed by ‘developers’ looking for a fast and easy way to bring heavy concrete carriers down to their “projects”.

About Kalderimia –

Agion Panton on the Moon?


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