Clean the beach, the beach cleaner

We discussed a few weeks ago the wisdom of voluntary (or involuntary) beach cleaning.

We argued that on an island almost totally dependent on tourism, the local representative government ought to be sure that public tourist attractions and infrastructure be properly maintained. Because the local government puts most of our public beaches to auction every year to determine which private enterprises can set up exclusive businesses on certain beaches, the responsibility of maintaining those beaches during tourist season falls to those individuals renting umbrellas, sunbeds, and selling food and drink. Fair enough. Out of season nature takes its course.

We noticed that the other day a heavy machine cleaned and graded the “town beach” (Ammos). Whatever was collected (plastic, metal, seagrass, stones) was put into piles and was carted away somewhere. Now the beach is flat and, disregarding the troubling sewage stink at the near end, seems presentable to beach goers for whom Ammos beach is the only bathing option. How many of our tourists (compared with locals) actually use this beach is not clear but the beach provides a welcome respite from the visual mayhem of the car/boat parking area.

BTW- The exception to the beach rental rule is Velanio (no sunbeds, umbrellas, or snack bar) which we have heard is the cleanest beach on the island to date.


2 thoughts on “Clean the beach, the beach cleaner

  1. This is how it should be: quick, clean and efficient. I wish other beaches, like Elios for example, could benefit from the same treatment.I guess there just isn’t the money?

  2. As far as I know, T.O.H., the cleaning operation didn’t take all day. One machine operator and some trucks to carry the refuse away. I’m not sure how many trips the haulage people made and where they brought the “stuff”. I suppose it may have been categorized as “clean fill” and might have been deposited where fill was needed.

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