Theater tonight – Bambades with Rum


There is an old widower living in the countryside. His two sons have long since left the village and have gone their separate ways in Athens. Both have married. As he faces the end of his life, the widower has taken on a ‘home care giver’ – in this case “Beshka”, a woman from Russia – and the two have become “close”. The brothers return home with their wives for a final goodbye.

The old man has little savings and his offspring are not expecting much as inheritance upon his death. Then, two bits of news change the plot. The first is that the old man and his domestic quietly married a few weeks before. The second bit is that the father is holding an uncashed winning lottery ticket worth € 4 million. Suddenly the atmosphere in the house changes as the sons along with their spouses worry that the new wife has a legal claim on the unclaimed fortune. It naturally follows that they conspire to get rid of her by offering a poisoned version of her favorite sweet – Bambades me rumi.

Unfortunately the ingenious plan is not quite foolproof and of course things go haywire. ‘Greed and envy’ meet their rivals ‘happenstance, miscommunication and stupidity’. By the middle of the play the old man has died by mistakenly eating a bambada without first disclosing the location of the lottery ticket. The rest of the play tries to sort out who gets what (if there is a ‘what’) as the brothers, the Russian wife, and the “helpful” neighbor compete to find the solution most beneficial to themselves.

The ethics and morality of modern Greek society is a familiar theme for the playwrights Reppas and Papathanasiou and they have often chosen humor as the vehicle to present their criticism.

Opened last night at 21:00 indoors at Orfeas Cinema and continuing tonight and Sunday. Entrance is free but donations are welcomed.


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