Suddenly a sidewalk?

We were reminded again the other day that wonders will never ever cease around here. The island is the proud host of a brand new sidewalk. Built along the roadway bordering private property as part of a retaining wall project, the side walk extends perhaps 100 meters along the busy Staphilos road from “Rosemary” cafe. Though the road itself was not widened, the builders have included a walkway of about 60 cm in width raised 15 cm from the road surface – as seen in the photo. Whether the walkway was meant as a walkway or simply a support for the retaining wall is hard to say. We’ll have to stop and ask Filios (who is actively preparing Rosemary to open). His property was damaged in the September 2015 flood and the retaining wall is meant as insurance that it won’t happen again.

A few days ago there were two ‘tourist types” actually warily walking upon the sidewalk. Now that there are many rental properties out in the direction of Stafilos, the municipality should be encouraged to work on a plan to make the high-speed Staphilos road safer for pedestrians. Some people walk.

As an informational update – this project was funded by government money. The property owners donated the strip of land at the road’s edge for the retaining wall and the extra curbing. The road is a bit wider but the curbing is meant primarily to control possible flooding and as a unobtrusive bulwark to prevent vehicles driving off the road (as historically they tended to occasionally do).


2 thoughts on “Suddenly a sidewalk?

  1. I think that it is privately paid for. They may charge a small toll for walking on it 🙂 …return trip included if you make it.

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