Just what we needed (or, you’ve got to be kidding)

This new business is setting up shop opposite the (usually ignored) STOP sign at the Agios Riganaki intersection.
Very clearly it is to be a souvlaki joint.
Let us take a moment to reflect upon this new development.
On the positive side, it shows that someone has enough faith in the Greek economy to start a business.

Because the story led with a photo, let’s start with the presentation. The giant plastic sign in helpful English with pictures of the dishes to be served? Nice? Not nice? Who cares? This is an introduction to the island.

How about the location in the middle of the busiest intersection on the island? The decision makes sense perhaps for foot traffic but few would be willing to walk out from the port along the concrete nightmare of the new boulevard just for a souvlaki. Locals will drive. And park. And double-park.

Wouldn’t opening a new business on the island require some paperwork, a process by which relevant authorities might examine the plan and raise some questions as to viability and the effect on the neighborhood? Is the economic situation on the island so dire that any new business can simply rent a spot and set-up shop?

Though I wish everyone involved a happy and prosperous future, there is much about this new development which is troublesome.


2 thoughts on “Just what we needed (or, you’ve got to be kidding)

  1. Added to the above is the far-fetched idea that hungry (or bored) potential driving customers will avoid stopping to grab a bite so as not to add to the vehicular confusion. Dream on.

  2. You’re right, Tom. It’s great to see new businesses here, but it does seem an extraordinary place to site it. We noticed it with such astonishment yesterday, coming out of town, that it’s a wonder we didn’t crash!

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