Theater this week-end

Poster by Isabel

Takis Moschos and the ΕΘΟΣ group of actors he has been working with since October are ready to perform (just for you!). Being staged this weekend and with no admission charge is “Bambades me Roumi” (roughly ‘rum soaked sweet treats’). The story is a comedy by the same writing team who authored last summer’s hit play, “The In-laws from Tirana”.

We (SkopelosArts) will present a story synopsis in the days leading up to Friday’s opening night, but suffice it to say for now that the new comedy again involves relatives vying for a monetary inheritance. Much like the previous play, the production involves intrigues which are familiar devices in theater and film farces in many societies. As human nature is quite predictable, what is interesting is how the writers, director, and most importantly the actors lead the audience through the story maze from the opening lines to the (thrilling, sad, surprising, happy, perplexing) conclusion.

The production is of course in Greek – but non-Greek speakers are definitely welcome and are sure to be entertained. Plays like this poke fun at typical human behaviors to get their points across. Therefore viewers whose Greek ‘needs some work’ can still enjoy seeing differing yet common “types” being put across – almost as in pantomime where verbal clues are absent. And the actors are all people you may see everyday doing their real jobs. Expect the unexpected but arrive at Orpheas early – these productions are well subscribed.

This coming weekend Friday – Saturday – Sunday at 21:00. Monetary donations gratefully accepted. Orpheas is almost next door to AP Market (Provias) beyond Platanos square.


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