Kind of remarkable really

Fairly clean streets, considering

An astute observer of human interaction, a fellow living locally, shared some thoughts with us the other day. You see this fellow, a private citizen, is in a position to “listen in” as municipal authorities coax municipal workers to, well, work.

Instead of the previous instruction style, “Do this, then do that, and hurry up!”, the current orders are softer and sweeter. The workers are urged with gentle appeals and flattery to do the jobs necessary in a civil society . As in “pretty please?”

The need for the style change is that the workers either haven’t been paid for a long time or receive compensation so irregularly as to make their efforts practically voluntary. Since they are not being treated fairly anyway, the workers can respond to condescension by simply going home or taking very long coffee breaks.

So it is remarkable that there are any municipal services at all in Skopelos or I suppose, anywhere in Greece.

Promises, promises…


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