Publishing silliness

Really scary Taxydromos version of “the shark”

A story popped up in the local and Volos – Magnesias newspapers of a shark caught by a fishing boat from Skopelos. The story seemed to make it appear as if the shark was captured in the seas nearby. Taxydromos (link) led their account with a file photo of a Great White shark being haul onto a fishing boat. MagnesiaNews (link) pictured a Hammerhead swimming past an underwater photographer.

What we know (or figure out) from parsing the two almost identical accompanying articles is that a Glossa (Skopelos) based fishing boat owned by the Brusogianni brothers caught the 300 kilo – 7 meter fish in its nets in the Aegean Sea. The story also mentions the same brothers previously caught a 280 kilo tuna in the South Aegean some time before.

Neither article says exactly where the shark was caught, which because of the dramatic photos might stir some interest in a curious reader who might occasionally swim the waters of our island. One article points out that the shark was netted – meaning that it was probably caught by accident. I doubt that the fish was caught anywhere near Skopelos.

The original photo of the Great White used and edited by Taxydromos was published yesterday morning by (Ilias’s) Skopelos-News (link) who didn’t provide much of a story.

MagnesiasNews version


2 thoughts on “Publishing silliness

  1. Not so good for tourism especially since it is not clear where the shark was caught. It is pretty much a non-story and written as a non-story.

  2. The locals of Glossa (Loutraki) told us that the shark was caught somewhere near Kavala and the fishermen brought back with them few slices, to charcoal grill over May Day fire. There was no sight of a whole fish anywhere

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