May “bookended” with significant weekends

Coming up is a 3-day weekend (trimero) culminating in Labor Day on Monday May 1. Despite threats of a sailor’s strike on May Day (midnight Sunday to midnight Monday), most people will carry on and will wish the seamen and women well in their protest against the full scale dismantling of their pension system. Travelers should check with their ticket offices* (see below).

If the weather holds, many throughout Greece will head to the countryside, if they can, for a picnic or to a country taverna to celebrate on May Day. Flower wreaths on the head and/or a red carnation are good fashion choices. Before heading for the hills or seaside, some will join the austerity protest demonstration at Skopelos port starting at 10:30.

At the other end of May (+3 days) is the other significant 3-day weekend celebration of Pentecost Sunday (June 4) and the Feast of the Holy Spirit (June 5). Though it is a movable feast these two days signify the official beginning of summer. More on Pentecost towards the end of May.

Ticket Offices

    Nikos Triantafyllou Glossa
    +30 24240 33435, +30 24240 33042
    Apostolos Kosifis Skopelos
    +30 24240 22767, +30 24240 23060
    Madro Travel Skopelos
    +30 24240 22300
    Iannis Lemonis Agency Skopelos
    +30 24240 22363

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