Earth Moving

23 April Screen Grab from

Skopelos is in an earthquake active zone, where the Aegean Tectonic Plate rubs seductively against the Eurasian plate (to put it simply). The Anatolian Plate, upon which most of Turkey sits, also plays a role in this relationship.

On Friday evening last at about 18:30 there was an earthquake at 3.5 Richter in the Northern Aegean Trough.
This morning at 08:59 there was another at 3.8 Richter.

    Time: 23/04/2017 05:59:11 (GMT) 08:59:11 (local)
    Magnitude: 3.8 ML
    Latitude: 39.3987°N
    Longitude: 23.8260°E
    Focal Depth: 10 km
    Location: 28 Km N from Alonissos

Though these are not big earthquakes, their frequency over the last few days is interesting. There are constantly many minor quakes all over the region (see the list) which go unnoticed and only detected by machines. Much of this machine data is available online for the curious. One curious I know well took a look Friday evening at the earthquake in this area and to the east and reports that one might conclude that things are heating up “down there”. Though then again they may not be.

This is not meant to be any kind of warning, it is simply interesting as it has been a long time since I’ve felt two quakes within 36 hours of each other. The data shows that (typically) there have been many smaller disturbances during those 36 hours.

More screen grabs perhaps of interest.

Red Dot Friday evening 3.5 Richter

Wider area activity from Friday evening.

Aegean area including Anatolia 21 April and 48 hours before


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