One engineer for all these projects

September 2015

Readers with a finger on the pulse of our modest island know quite well its physical problems after the 2015 flood and the 2017 snowfall. There are some unfinished major infrastructure problems which predate even these. The municipality has only one mechanical engineer on staff whose responsibilities include analyzing damage, assessing the work needed to properly repair the damage, and organizing the tendering of the work (putting the job up for bid).

The word from Taxydromos Newspaper (link) is that the mayor has asked the Municipality of Volos to loan Skopelos some of its municipal engineers to help the island out.

The article quotes the mayor as saying that, after an “unbelievable struggle” (απίστευτο αγώνα), the studies and licenses required to repair the damage to the dock at Agnontas are finally ready to be presented for tendering. The damage occurred over 8 years ago.

Though it appears that some work on the island has been “fast-tracked” (last year’s temporary and this year’s permanent repair of the Agnontas-Limnonari-Petraki road), it could be that those projects fell into a special review category since the island has been in a “state of emergency” since September 2015. These projects might also require more standard procedures than other more esoteric work.

Anyway, the point is that there is only one qualified engineer to prepare and oversee all public construction on the island and he could use a some help.


2 thoughts on “One engineer for all these projects

  1. The mayor reminds us that there is a hiring freeze for several years due to the economic crisis. That’s why they would like to “borrow” municipal engineers from Volos. Parceling out these public works anywhere is historically an activity fraught with the possibility of corruption. My thoughts on “our” engineer is that he is a decent and competent fellow who plays by the written rules. This may also be a reason why things move so slowly.

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