Happy Easter and decoding your electrical bill

Dummy recent DEH bill

Some may have had palpitations on the arrival of the new electrical bill. There are new taxes (actually passed by the Parliament in 2012 as we understand the complexities of Greek politics) which have puffed up the total individual consumers owe. Basically the new costs are in place to prop up a troubled system which costs more to operate than it brings in. (Also, we believe, to increase the value of the Public Power Corporation as it will soon be up for grabs to investors according to the wishes of the EU – as we understand the complexities of EU politics)

To use the “fantasy” counterfeit bill above – which DEH has kindly broken down into constituent parts – we coolly try to explain what is what. The BIG gorilla is the ΥΚΩ section.

Here goes…
ΔΕΗ -The cost of the power that you have actually used once the power passes through your meter.

Cost and maintenance of the Electrical grid (the cost of getting the power from the generating station to your meter)

(ΥΚΩ) Υπηρεσιών Κοινής Ωφέλειας Public service obligations

    Νησιά Everyone help pays for the high cost of operating power production plants of isolated islands (Like Samos, Lesbos, Rhodes, Crete etc)

    Κοινωνικό Οικιακό Τιμολόγιο Everyone help pays to provide power to susceptible groups of consumers and particularly for people on low incomes, parents with three dependent children, long-term unemployed, the disabled and persons in need of mechanical support.

    πολύτεκνοι κ.λπ Cheaper power for families with many children and social security beneficiaries

ΕΤΜΕΑΡ Ειδικό Τέλος Μείωσης Εκπομπών Αερίων Ρύπων
Special tax for the cost of reducing air (gas) pollutants caused by the burning of fossil fuels to create the energy.

Λοιπές Χρεώσεις To pay for losses incurred by DEH due to people not paying their electricity bill and loses incurred by DEH from people stealing electricity – Illegal hook-ups, meter fiddling etc

¨Εναντι Κατανάλωσης
previous payment of the previous bill

excise taxes etc

sales tax (let’s say)

Χρεώσεις ΔΗΜΟΥ
Local city tax

Public TV and radio tax


3 thoughts on “Happy Easter and decoding your electrical bill

  1. You are, as always, welcome. I wish that there was “more fun” in the post, but alas that hard facts are pretty grim. I suspect that parts of this were always part of your DEH bill but now aren’t so hidden.
    We paid €0.39 to help DEH recover losses from people stealing power. There is something funny there (at least to me).
    Only 39 cents…why not 40?

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