Late Holy Week schedule

This calendar is lifted from Vories Sporades Newspaper (klik). It covers the last few days and nights of Holy Week at Panagia Faneromeni church but could apply to the other larger churches as well (Christos, Panagia Papamelitiou, and Agios Panteleimon/Three Hierarchs). The other churches may also have scheduled events which do not coincide with, or are in addition to, the Panagia Faneromeni schedule (ie. Easter Morning Service). Ask your neighbors what’s up.

Wednesday 12 April
07:30 Liturgy of the Pre-sanctified gift
17:00 Holy Unction (Anointment)
19:15 Ritual of the washbasin (washing of feet)

Thursday 13 April
07:30 Daily Vespers and the liturgy of the Great King
19:15 Service of the Holy Passion

Friday 14 April
08:00 Service of the Great Hours, Vespers, and the Deposition
19:30 Service of the Epitaphios (funeral bier) and procession

Saturday 15 April
07:30 Vespers and the pre-resurrection liturgy (πρωτη ανάσταση)
23:00 The inaugural rites of the Resurrection
24:00 Resurrection, midnight prayers, liturgy of the Resurrection

Sunday 16 April
18:00 Evening prayer of Love (Εσπερινός της Αγάπης)


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