Bye-bye Alpha Bank


To the disappointment of a few people on the island, the local branch of Alpha Bank has closed its
Hamilton Access Control Doors(link) for the last time. Too bad for any locals who have lost work because of the closing. As a newcomer, Alpha bank was the first in town to employ the control door system and we wonder if the doors were actually a turn-off for potential customers. The renovated (Agricultural) Pireaus Bank was soon to follow in the security door fad which culminated in the addition of the same system to the new National Bank.

One might assume that the double door lock, redlight/greenlight system, was a turnoff for the locals and may have led to people avoiding Alpha bank at first. Who wants to be locked in a bank with a Kalashnikov bearing criminal? One might assume that a bank robber worth her salt would arrive prepared to get back out again. If the security glass is bulletproof does that mean a wad of plastic explosives carefully placed against a window would prove ineffective? And what about hostages? Even a not so nimble brain might conclude that the security doors add nothing to the security of customers. Just so long as the cash seems safe.

Speaking of cash there was a sale of it going on at “Oi Potami”, our local supermarket. Dullards like me could pick up a wad of €100s (20 in all) for the introductory price of €0.80. Not bad. Better was the deal on 20 500 EURO notes for the same price. Designed by a wiseacre and meant only for cleaning one’s nose, these eyecatchers caught a lot of sidelong glances when left (unused) on the front seat of the car.


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