The Band-Aid played on (sigh)

Emerging unscathed from the double security doors at the National Bank yesterday morning we came across the sight of 50 school children and their teachers “cleaning” the town beach. Other reports of the activities at the town beach on Sunday seemed to indicate that other volunteers had already “cleaned” the beach. But no matter, apparently there were enough pickings to keep the first-graders (?) happy.

Feeling grateful that magic still exists in our physical world, and that its employment seems to be a matter of policy for the local government(s), we still wonder when serious “real world” measures will be taken to “clean the beaches”. Underwater images by local frogmen (klik) show still vast quantities of large pieces of heavy plastic, metal or other refuse sitting on the sea bottom just offshore. We experienced the “beaching” of the F/B Mirtidiotissa (klik) a few weeks ago on a “sandbar” probably made up of submerged cars and other flood driven junk.

With an appreciative nod to volunteerism, really cleaning this mess requires a serious professional approach. Divvying out repair jobs to political constituencies within the Prefecture of Thessaly leads to overspending and questionable results. The particular problem of disaster clean-up could and should entail “extra local” government initiatives which would include personnel trained to undertake specific specialized work with the required machinery. The Army Engineers or the Navy, perhaps jointly, ought to be involved. Skopelos is still under an official state of emergency which ought to mean that extraordinary measures would be undertaken to put the island right again.

Hoping that well-intentioned and generous volunteers (to whom we are all thankful) can properly do this job is silly.


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