KTEL Athens/Mantoudi (a transportation miracle)

Bus Departures from Athens Liossion station

In a just world the KTEL-Evvias bus franchise would takeover scheduling arrivals and departures from Skiathos airport. Sadly, this is not a just world (only the Evvia part).
In the absence of a private bus ferrying passengers from Central Athens to the port of Mantoudi to catch the Proteus😀 car/passenger ferryboat to the Sporades, KTEL-Evvias has stepped in to provide service from Liossion Station in Athens to Mantoudi via Chalkida) which is scheduled to meet the boat(!). Both ways (Mantoudi to Athens too!). Unbelievable.

Please note ferry scheduling will get weird around Easter-call your favorite ticket office to be sure.

The cost is €26 each way or €14 each way if you return within 30 days.
timetables below enlarge with a click


7 thoughts on “KTEL Athens/Mantoudi (a transportation miracle)

  1. Denis – We posted the Proteus schedule for the summer here…
    It appears that KTEL/Evvias will coordinate transport from Athens to/from Mantoudi throughout the summer. All boat booking offices in Skopelos now book tickets for all of the different ferry companies and can help reserve KTEL tickets as well.

    KTEL/Evvias posts their Mantoudi/Athens updated bus schedule here… http://www.ktelevias.gr/

    Among the shipping companies which will serve Skopelos this summer are:
    Anes.gr (Proteus)
    Aegean Flying Dolphins (Erato)
    Hellenic Seaways (HSW.gr) (Flying Cats)
    Aqua Jewel (car/passenger ferry from/to Agios Konstantinos)

  2. Hello! I am planning to go to Skopelos from Athens on October 2 — I have found the bus schedule and it appears that one will be getting in to Mantoudi at 11:00 AM. I cannot find a ferry schedule however! Do you happen to know if the ferry will be running in early October? Many thanks for your help!

  3. Probably there will be a boat in October from Athens to Mantoudi but until now the scedule is not ready yet🤔. This information I’ve got from the travel agency in Skopelos.

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