Wrong, wrong, wrong

It is shameful and ridiculous that the municipality of Skopelos (of the Regional Unit of Magnesias, Prefecture of Thessaly, of the Hellenic Republic, and a member of the Eurozone monetary union of the European Union) needs to rely upon school children and civilian volunteers for infrastructure maintenance.

As many readers are aware, income from tourism is one of the major contributors to the Greek national GDP. In fact as a percentage of the National economy Greek tourism receipts are among the highest in the EU, just behind those of Cyprus and ahead of Spain’s (!). In short, tourism is important to Greece and tourism destinations, as revenue generators, need cultivation and resources. As we all, even those not involved in tourism, contribute taxes to a tourism dependent government, the Government should fund maintenance of tourist attractions. Take note that the unemployment rate among Greek youths 18-29 is still around 50%.

The only benefit from bringing schoolchildren to the beaches would be to show them what happens when they throw things away. Volunteers can do whatever they want. While I am not an advocate of privatization of public resources, those entities which win the concessions to rent umbrellas and sunbeds on sections of public beaches must, as part of their contracts, keep those beaches clean.


One thought on “Wrong, wrong, wrong

  1. I am inclined to agree, Tom, although, I do, like you, see the value of introducing children to the results of casual littering. On the plus side, it is good to see some communities here working together for the common good.

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