New steps and ramp @ Stafilos

As part of the flood reconstruction which included shoring up of the auto road down to the beach parking,
the stairway has been reconfigured and rebuilt. Besides straightening (and widening) the stairway somewhat, a ramp has been added to accommodate wheeled conveyances. This naturally means that you can drive your motor bike right to the water’s edge. But who would do that? 😉

The obvious “winners” in this reconfiguration are anyone with big muscles transporting cargo to and from the beach, and possibly parents wheeling infants and toddlers. Whether the beach can now be considered wheelchair accessible (or was intended to be) is another question. The ramp looks kind of steep. According to “Accessibility for the Disabled – A Design Manual for a Barrier Free Environment” (klik) a ramp for a wheelchair must have a slope of no more than 1:12 (for every 1 meter rise in elevation 12 meters of base is required).

With a vertical elevation of at least 10 meters (beach to top of stairway) the suggested constraints for construction of a proper wheelchair ramp would require 120 meters of “run” – which would prove to be extremely difficult to fit into the present environment. Also really expensive.


One thought on “New steps and ramp @ Stafilos

  1. ‘…you can drive your motor bike right to the water’s edge. But who would do that?’

    I see many driving their motor bikes down the towns cascading steps to avoid the drive down to the paralia on the peripheral road and maybe to save a bit of petrol. I must admit, I’ve never seen anyone attempting the steps uphill, except Aussie Rob, to store his bike for the winter in his house up the steps from Ghiftorema. Hard going!

    …..but a ramp for for an uphill ride might be a dare devil’s experience to be tested by some. You never know!.

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