Bird watch weekend

Egrets Skopelos mid-September

Giorgos Poulias (of Vories Sporades blog klik) reminds use that the National Bird count will happen this weekend (31 March to 2 April) in the form of a contest. The local Sea Scouts plan to count and identify birds at the town marsh (between the car park and the town beach) on Saturday morning (1 April- no kidding!).
The contest is the project of the Hellenic Ornithological Society (Ελληνική Ορνιθολογική Εταιρεία).

The contest announcement is here in Greek (

However – anyone who wants to go out and observe birds at a specific location can do so. Any information collected would be gratefully accepted by the Society.

Individuals can make such observations anytime, anywhere in Greece. The society would like to know what (you think) you saw, where and when. An accompanying photo would be helpful in case you can only identify the thing as “a bird”. An email address for more information about reporting or volunteering, the society’s email is info (at)

Because the bird count is taking the form of a contest to encourage participation, there are rules and entry forms as well as forms for the listing of species observed on the contest web page. The rule include:

    Dead birds, caged birds, domesticated birds, and exotic runaways don’t count.

    You can’t attract birds by throwing food, or using bird calls or decoys.

The Society’s website is here in English …
the more complete Greek version is here…


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