Saved to live another day

We who have houses in the countryside have by our presence interrupted nature. Where once were fields or forests or orchards or scrub, we have set up to live life our way. Along with our concrete we introduce into our local micro-environment things benignly foreign (one hopes) like plants and trees, but also dangerous additions like swimming pools, night lighting and pets.

Somehow nature appears to (in the short run at least) adapt to these changes as for example barn swallows take the occasional dip in a pool or lizards find new sources of food among the freshly planted lettuces, greens and potted plants.

How rewarding it is once in a while to be able to save an unfortunate lizard or honey bee which is facing its doom trapped in a swimming pool.

Note: Little Jimmy the wall lizard was pulled barely conscious from the pool yesterday afternoon. He sat in my hand for about 4 minutes gasping (contracting stomach and flexing gills) until he revived and ran up my sleeve.


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