In case you were wondering about Skiathos airport

From Fraport Greece

Taxydromos, among many other news outlets, relays a press release from FRAPORT. You can copy this link – – into your favorite translator for the details.

The gist is…
…By 2020 Fraport Greece – the German-owned business entity will renovate (bring up to date) the 14 regional Greek airports for which it holds a 50 year lease. Before the start of the summer season Fraport intends to improve general maintenance, improve lighting and signaling terminals and aircraft parking areas, improve rumways, upgrade and improve sanitary facilities, increase services including free internet connection and work to improve fire safety in all areas of the airports.

Among the airports to be updated is our local entity – the Alexandros Papdiamentis International on Skiathos.
This is what they plan:

• Επέκταση και αναδιαμόρφωση του τερματικού σταθμού
• Expansion and remodeling of the terminal

• Aναδιοργάνωση του χώρου στάθμευσης των αεροσκαφών
• Reorganization of aircraft parking space

• 39% αύξηση της συνολικής έκτασης του αεροσταθμού σε 9.511 m2 με την επέκταση υπαρχόντων κτιρίων
• 39% increase of the total area of 9.511 m2 terminal in the extension of existing buildings

• 11% αύξηση των σταθμών Check-in (από 9 σε 10)
11% increase (!) in Check-in stations (9 to 10)

• 33% αύξηση του συνολικού αριθμού πυλών (από 3 σε 4)
33% increase in the total number of gates (3 to 4)

• Διπλασιασμός των ζωνών παραλαβής αποσκευών (από 1 σε 2)
Doubling (!) the arrivals baggage belts (from 1 to 2)


3 thoughts on “In case you were wondering about Skiathos airport

  1. Pity in a way. I liked it when it was funky. Even better when it was just a hut and a ‘holding pen’ for the departures.

  2. Hi Heather – It appears as if the current building won’t change that much. The improvements Fraport indicates are minor really – except the second luggage carousel which I’m sure will be helpful in mid summer. One more ticket counter and one more gate shouldn’t make much of a difference. The condition of the toilets ought to improve as well. We flew from Skiathos last Spring, mid-summer, and in October and the urinal that was “out of order” in April was still “out of order” in October. I too remember the old terminal when it was a much more easy going operation.

    Olympic Airways used to fly Short “Skyvans” from Athens to Skiathos and back. See

  3. The illustration appears to show an entirely airless environment which is so well lit there are no visible shadows. I wonder how Fraport will do that?

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