Skopelos Port 1989


We were presented with this photo from 1989 of the port, from the Town Hall to Hotel Adonis. Much has changed in the last 28 years. Back then the paralia was much more compact – a curious eye might notice right away that the roadway has since been widened (at least by one third in the foreground). The commercial district along the port abruptly halted at the big platanos tree (next to where Barramares exists today). If you were lucky you could grab a taxi cab waiting under the tree – that was the cab stand. From the tree down to Karavia and Skopelos Kafeteria stood the playground and open space, under many mulberry trees.

There were a couple of mulberry trees in a traffic island in front of the National Bank – as the road broke off and passed along the front of those buildings – there was no “platia” in front of Iannis Lemonis’ ticket office.

The Post Office would have been found where the Barramares “kitchen” is today, looked over the by the kindly giant Vasilis whose rich basso profundo kept things in order.

Spyros’ and Asimis’ chicken taverna occupied the platia in front of Ambrosia and was full of customers every summer evening.

In 1989 big changes were right around the corner as the great reorganization of the port project was to begin in the early 1990’s.



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