Skopelos SpyCam back in action

We are informed that after a brief hiatus the local Skopelos SpyCam has been repaired and is currently conducting “in place” technical examinations and adjustments. The operators hope that the device will soon be airborne and return to its normal low earth orbit over Skopelos (altitude between 2.0 and 500.0 meters) and remain in service for the next 5 years.

The student run operational headquarters are in the basement of the Olmstead Middle School in Buffalo New York, where students aged 12 and 13 years will twiddle their joysticks to maneuver the SpyCam over hill and dale and perhaps even into your backyard. It all depends on the unsupervised curiosity of the young pilots.

So before you do “something weird” while enjoying the natural wonders of the island, pause a moment and consider the natural inquistiveness of our student friends.

If you one day see a short video on Facebook of a person who looks like you scratching their bum while out for a walk in the secluded Skopelitan hills, don’t say we didn’t warn you.


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