Cilantro’s up and needs thinning

Not knowing whether they were viable or not, I threw some coriander (κολίανδρο) seeds into a small container. The date was February 27 and the promise of spring was in the air. Then the weather turned colder. Anyway, the first sprouts emerged on March 10 which is, as I recall, either quickly or just about on time.

The problem is that the seedlings are crowding each other and I think that they may be too young yet to thin and replant. Usually in this case I’ll take my chances and try anyway. For my family I really don’t need more than 10 plants per planting (I’ll start a second planting in two weeks). It can handle the chill when it is a little older but now it should be coddled. Fresh cilantroόλιαντρο) is nice and pungent though when dried it is relatively lackluster. Hot chili pepper salsa Mexican style anyone?

At least one plant I’ll let flower and seed for next year!

I will give seedlings away if any readers desire some (I’ll put some in potting soil in a bag. Time then becomes of the essence). Elena is first on the list.


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